Watch Martin Armstrong’s forecasts on the global economy and what we really face which is not being discussed in the general media. And get his take on how to save the current monetary system.

The Armstrong Computer Model is famous for calling the peak in the 2007 economy to the day and when the market was at its depth, his model forecast that the US share market would rally to new high into 2018 and beyond. The vast majority have been so bearish constantly calling for a 1929 style collapse that Armstrong has dubbed this the most hated bull market in history.

The political landscape is a minefield to say the least with Merkel soon to lose power, the US mid-term elections, the Italian budget crisis, and the Brexit negotiations are the latest catalysts for the continued shift from public to private assets. These events are just the beginning that will have massive implications for the future. This interview is critical for it goes into how to save our world. Armstrong believes no government will be willing to prevent the crisis but will only respond when the crisis compels them to do so. This is something the average person needs to understand for their personal survival.

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